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Just press the Panic Button and the mySOS system will activate your emergency. Your emergency contacts will be notified with your GPS location, type of emergency and other relevant details.


Manage or locate your panic button remotely. Update your information,
medical details, monitor your device in real time, add contacts, view
emergencies and more on our user friendly dashboard.

How to Register & Link GSM Panic Button

1)  Open the webpage
2)  Click on Login (top right corner)
3)  For new users, this will take you through a quick and easy registration process
4)  Load your emergency contacts
5)  Follow the steps to Link you Panic Button

How to activate an emergency

1)  Press the Panic Button for 2 seconds
2)  The Panic Button will beep and vibrate when the emergency is activated
3)  Your emergency contacts will be notified (SMS & email)
4)  They can call you on the Panic Button to check if you are ok

How can my emergency contacts call me

1)  The Panic Button is like a cellphone, it can receive voice calls
2)  Up to 2 of your emergency contacts can be allowed to call the Panic Button
3)  The Panic Button will ring and vibrate when someone calls
4)  To answer, press the SOS button or wait – it will auto answer after 3-4 rings

How to clear an emergency

(1)  When you activate an emergency you will receive an SMS
(2)  In the SMS is a link that you can use to view or clear the emergency

How do I know if my Panic Button is connected/working

1)  The Panic Button has 2 LED’s that indicate connection and battery status
2)  If the Green LED flashes twice quickly every 3 seconds it is connected to the mySOS system
3)  A slow (1 second) flash every 3 seconds of the blue LED indicates that the battery level is still ok

Fall Detect functionality

1)  The Fall Detect functionality can be enabled through the user login on the webpage
2)  Once logged in, click on "My Panic Buttons", then on "Settings" to enable or disable Fall Detect
3)  If the Panic Button detects a fall it will start beeping after a short delay. After 10 beeps the Fall Detect emergency will be activated and emergency contacts will be notified
4)  To cancel the Fall Detect emergency activation, give a short press on SOS button (< 2 seconds) before it has beeped 10 times