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mySOS Panic Buttons

If you are ever in a situation where you need help and cannot get to, or use your mobile phone - this is the solution!

Just press the Panic Button and the mySOS system will activate your emergency. Your emergency contacts will be notified with your GPS location, type of emergency and other relevant details.

Your Panic Button can also be linked to your own emergency service providers like estate security, security company or medical response to ensure that they are notified when you have an emergency (those service providers will need to have a mySOS link).

Two different Panic Button models are available – check the specs to see which is the one for you.

Perfect For

Elderly people and those living alone
Your children, when going to busy malls or any public space
Active people training alone
Anyone who has the potential to be in a hostile situation i.e. hijacking

Choose Your Panic Button

Bluetooth Panic Button

Bluetooth Panic Button

Stand Alone Panic Button

GSM Panic Button R1450.00 Once Off R20.00 p/m SIM Card Cost

One press is all it takes

One press to automatically notify your mySOS emergency contacts that you have an emergency! No need to find your phone or contact details, it all happens automatically.

GPS and Tracking

Your GPS coordinates are sent to your emergency contacts via SMS when you activate an emergency. mySOS keeps tracking you to ensure help arrives at the right place, everytime.

Anywhere, anytime

A mobile panic button available 24/7.
At home, at work or while you play.
Just press for help!

Fall Detect Function

Fall Detect will automatically notify your emergency contacts when a fall (impact) is detected.