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A. The mySOS Solution

1. How does “mySOS Emergency” work?

mySOS Emergency:
(a) allows you to activate an emergency for yourself or on behalf of someone else
(b) allows you to choose the nature of your emergency and appropriate service provider for:
    • Medical Assistance
    • Fire Assistance
    • Police Assistance
    • Security Assistance
    • Sea Rescue Assistance
    • Roadside Assistance
(c) Notifies your emergency contacts via SMS on your behalf and provides them with the following information:
    • Your name
    • Your mobile number
    • Nature of the emergency
    • Your exact location (GPS coordinates / street names)
    • Option to view the emergency from their smart phones
    • Option to view the emergency from
    • Option to navigate from their current location to your emergency location
(d) provides on screen display of your exact location and GPS coordinates
(e) offers a list of contact details for the closest and most appropriate emergency service providers, based on the nature of the emergency
(f) auto-dials the default emergency service provider, based on the nature of the emergency and your pre-defined provider choices if you are unable to make decisions

2. What happens if I activate an Emergency for someone else – will my Emergency Contacts also receive notifications?

In the event that you activate an Emergency for someone else your Emergency Contacts will NOT receive any notifications

3. I know the emergency numbers – why would I want to use mySOS?

As mySOS uses your current position, it will immediately be able to determine the closest and best suited emergency service provider for you with localised numbers to call. Your exact GPS position can also be given to the service provider, this enables a faster response.

No holding on endlessly in call centres with annoying voice prompts which can delay the assistance that is urgently needed.

B. Registration

1. How do I register for the app?

(a) The mySOS app can be downloaded from Apple's AppStore or Google Play
(b) you can follow the links from the webpage

2. Which phones will be able to use the mySOS app?

(a) iPhone 4s & up, running iOS 9 or later
(b) Android phone running Android Jelly Bean (v4.1) or later
(c) Unfortunately, we do not currently support Blackberry or Windows Phones

3. How many emergency contacts can I add to be notified when I am experiencing an emergency?

(a) You can add up to 5 friends as emergency contacts

4. Can I set-up my own/custom service provider numbers in the App?

(a) Yes, you can add your own Medical Aid, Vehicle insurance or Home Security provider if they are not on the list already. Just choose other and type in the name of your service provider.

5. Can I register more than 1 phone on the mySOS application?

(a) Currently any user can only have 1 registered phone on the mySOS application.
(b) If you would like to register more than 1 phone you will have to register yourself twice (eg. John Doe and John Doe_2)

6. I have a new phone – how do I register this phone?

(a) You are able to register multiple phones under your profile. So when you get a new phone, download the mySOS application to this phone, open the application and select "Sign In With Mobile"

7. How do you share the app with other people?

(a) You go to Settings – Share mySOS and email or SMS the link to the person that you want to share the mySOS app with.
(b) Or they can download the app directly from the App Store, Google Play or follow the links on the website
(c) You may also share the app via Facebook or Twitter

C. The application and technology

1. What connection does mySOS require?

(a) mySOS requires a mobile data (GPRS, Edge, 3G or 4G) or WIFI connection.

2. How do I view my current location when I’m on the phone to an Emergency Services provider?

(a) Press the Home button to take you back to the main menu screen and then select the mySOS application again. This will bring you to the main screen where you will see your location information displayed

3. Can I log an emergency for another person or incident e.g. accident scene?

(a) Yes, you can log an emergency on behalf of someone else, which will provide you with emergency contact details for the relevant emergency service. - Just select "Someone Else"

4. What happens if Location Services are disabled on my phone?

(a) If Location Services are disabled, the Application will warn you when it is opened. If you do not enable Location Services at this stage you will have only limited functionality in the mySOS application.
     • Emergency – you will be able to activate the emergency but will only have access to a default list of Emergency Providers
     • Find Near Me – Will not function.
     • Track Me – Will not function.

5. What happens if I am out of coverage and want to use the Application?

(a) If you are out of coverage you will not be able to activate a emergency or use Find near Me.
(b) If you have an active journey, Track Me will store your gps positions and upload them once network coverage has been restored.

D. mySOS Emergency

1. Can I disable the automatic timer that appears when I start the mySOS application?

(a) Yes, this can be disabled in Settings – Automatic Triggers

2. How can I test the mySOS application to see if my Emergency Contacts get their SMS’s and emails?

(a) mySOS will remind you monthly to test the Application, if you activate the test, your Emergency Contacts will receive an SMS and email indicating that this is a test of the mySOS Application.
(b) You can also manually activate this test by going to Settings – Test mySOS.
(c) Testing the Application will not create an active emergency, it will only send out the SMS’s and emails to the user.

E. Find Near Me

1. Allows you to search for, navigate to or contact the closest, most relevant emergency service provider, based on your current location, including:

     • Hospital
     • Clinic
     • Doctor
     • Pharmacy
     • Police Station
     • Dentist
     • Vet

2. Allows navigation from Google Maps / Apple Maps

F. mySOS Track Me

1. What happens when I am out of coverage and my Track Me timer expires

(a) The Track Me timer runs on both the server and the mySOS app. When the Track Me timer runs out and you have not cancelled the timer or are still out of coverage, the mySOS server will assume that you have an emergency and notify your emergency contacts
(b) You will however not be able to clear the active emergency while you are out of coverage (keep in mind that your emergency contacts will also not be able to phone you!)
(c) You will not be able to clear the Track Me timer if you are out of coverage

2. Will the application track me all the time?

(a) No, the application will only track you when you have activated an Emergency or when you have activated the Track Me timer.

3. Who will have access to my location data?

(a) When there is no active emergency no one will have access to your location.
(b) If there is an active emergency only your Emergency Contacts and the service provider you have contacted will have the ability to view your location.
(c) Certain staff of mySOS (Pty) Ltd with the necessary security clearance will also be able to view this data if required from an operational viewpoint. This will only happen if circumstances require.

4. What happens if I do not have any airtime?

If you do not have an active internet connection, the mySOS application will not function.

5. How can I track my child going on a field trip with friends?

(a) Activate the mySOS Track Me functionality.
(b) Set the count down timer to the required return time.
(c) Teach your child how to cancel the Track Me if required or time runs out.

G. Additional development and design

1. Can we add additional functionality?

(a) The mySOS app is developed in house, you can simply send an email to and we will consider all reasonable requests.

2. Can mySOS integrate with 3rd party service providers?

(a) mySOS has an external API available, that service providers can use to receive emergency activation data in realtime. mySOS has successfully integrated into a number of other third party API’s.

3. What is in the pipeline for mySOS development?

(a) mySOS is continuously evolving and adding new features. If you are really curious, send us an email at

5. I have found some errors in the application – where can I log these and request that they are fixed?

(a) Drop us an email to

H. Pricing

1. How much does the app cost?

(a) The mySOS application is free to the end user.

2. How much does mySOS charge for events?

(a) Currently mySOS is free to all event organisers.

3. Who pays for the SMS’s that are sent to my Emergency Contacts?

(a) There is no cost for SMS's.

4. Who pays for the data that the application uses?

(a) The user will pay for the data that is used by the mySOS application.
(b) The Application has been designed to minimize the amount of data that needs to be transferred in each session.

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